Monday, May 1, 2017

May Day

I celebrated May Day with more planting and a five mile hike, followed by two more nursery stops on the way home. I hadn't been out walking for several days and I was needing it as much as the dogs. I took Maya, Theo, and Jack. Jack took a rock or two, and several sticks.

I went in search of a patch of ladyslippers that I had spotted a couple years ago. Last year I had missed the bloom time. This year I hit it just right. Photographing wild flowers while walking three dogs isn't the easiest task. They don't share my interest and see no point in stopping at the places I choose. The ladyslippers are a bit off the trail, so I wrapped the leashes around a tree and left them for a bit, which made it easier to get the pictures without damaging the delicate plants.

This is Jack's back end jumping over a downed tree.
Maya on the left and Theo on the right.

Theo went over the three downed trees
with more confidence today.

Another pretty little wildflower.

We were down near the river and saw these three
geese sitting on a log.

This must be some variety of Oxalis.

Jack laid down in the stream and his stick
floated away.

When he couldn't find the stick he
grabbed this stupid rock instead.

Jack and Theo were out front and side by side most of the time.
Maya was content to walk next
to or right behind me.


hammer1924 said...

Jack kills me! I used to have a stick dog,

hammer1924 said...

Jack kills me! WIll you miss him when he is gone??