Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Duke has a play date

Duke still hasn't had much luck getting anyone around here to play with him. Jack might, but Jack might also be a butt head so I haven't tried that combination yet. Today we went up to the street for a play date with former foster Felix. I was pretty sure these two would hit it off and they did.

Duke is really just a big puppy; he's playful but submissive to others so I knew there wouldn't be any problem with the good natured Felix. It was a warm afternoon, but the dogs played a bit and then we went for a walk through the woods. It was a very good experience for Duke and he continues to impress me. I walked Duke to and from the car without a leash. He hopped into the crate and was ready to go. Duke was friendly with the human neighbors as well as Felix. We were all careful to stay out of the way when the two boys came running past us.

Wednesday is his neuter day so he will be off the play circuit for a few days.

The big ball with rope was new to Duke. He wasn't sure
what it would do, but he enjoyed playing with it. 

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hammer1924 said...

Like another commenter, I think I may be in love with Duke. Lots of inquiries on him, I am sure? Victoria