Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Cookie's recovery

Days don't get much better than this around here. Clear blue sky, low humidity, nice breeze, mid-70s. Too nice a day to spend working but that's what happened to most of it. I got out for an early hike with Maya, TJ, and Cookie. We covered about 2.5 miles of trails early in the afternoon.

It was Cookie's first hike since her surgery. I'd let her come upstairs again, and she's been outside with me in the yard while working in the garden or just puttering around, but this was her first time back on the trails. She was as excited as she was the first time we did it, out front the whole way but not really pulling on the leash. No word yet on her biopsy results, but I looked at her incisions again and they looked good, all the stitches still intact.

Cookie is one of the happiest dogs I've ever met.

Gigi had been outside when I was loading up dogs for the first hike and she jumped in the van wanting to go along. I already had three so I made her get out, but I made it up to her later in the afternoon. Gigi, Maya, Trooper, and I did the second hike of the day, about 3.5 miles. That's long enough for both Maya and Trooper but they really enjoyed it.
Gigi never walks out front, she's either behind me or beside me.

Maya and Trooper spotted deer, that guarantees a fun time.

My container garden is fully planted. Now grow!

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Anonymous said...

Love looking at all these happy pups and the beautiful flowers you planted!