Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Morning Feed

There's not much going on this week. I don't mind it being cooler, but the plants in my garden would sure like to see the sun shine again. We are mired in the mud and trying to keep as much of it as possible outdoors. That's not easy with 11 dogs in the house. Here's are some pics from the morning feeding routine on a wet day. Time elapsed: One half hour from me getting out of bed to me sitting down at my desk with coffee to start work.
There is always congestion at the front door in the
morning when I come down with most of the dogs
from the bedroom. 

Samantha is bringing up the rear of the first
group of dogs who go out the front door.
(Theo, Trooper, Vince, Samantha)

Samantha may not be the first out the door but
she is the first to be fed. She wouldn't have it
any other way.

Vince eats near Samantha adjacent to the big food
barrel under the summer kitchen near the firepit.

When it's muddy I bring Theo in the back door
of the dog yard shed and close him in there to eat.
He can get himself covered in mud in a minute if
given the chance to run in the dog yard.

Trooper eats on the front porch of the dog yard
shed and then spends some time in the dog yard.
He doesn't get muddy because he doesn't run
around like an idiot.

While the first group is eating, I get food bowls ready for the next.

Rain or shine, Maya always eats inside, in the
front hallway. She is the slowest eater in the house.

TJ is fed in the AC yard while Maya is eating

The dogs who spent the night in the office are next. That's Sparky
in the rear and Scarlett (former foster boarding for a week).

Scarlett eats on the front porch and it doesn't take her very long.
She will then wander around the yard for a bit before following
me back inside.
Sparky takes Theo's place in the dog yard shed
and eats his meal there. He will then join Trooper
in the dog yard while Theo comes back indoors
to keep him out of the mud.

Max spends in the night in the office along with
Scarlett, Sparky, and Jack. I take him out to
Sparky's former kennel, which we call "Rottweiler
World" to get a headstart on his food, mixed with
canned food to hide his pills. 
Jack is the last one to be walked outside, over to Rottweiler World
with his bowl of dry food. I've been keeping him and Max together.
I'm not sure that's good for either of them, but it puts them both in
an outdoor place for the day that has good shelter and minimal mud.

This old metal locker is the best thing I ever
brought home from the dump.

It holds three food containers and is rodent proof
and dog proof out in the dog yard shed.

Sparky and Trooper spent about an hour outside
in the dog yard after eating, then they came back in.

Gigi's food and pills await her for whenever she
decides to come down for breakfast.
While I was away she got into the habit of coming
down early with all the other dogs. She had to
because Clay would be leaving for work. Since
I've been home, she quickly slipped back into her
old habit of coming down mid- to late-morning.


Anonymous said...

I loved reading about your dog feeding ritual. I have five pups and it's a chore- but you, you have mastered it! Love seeing all the happy pups in the photos too:-)

Anonymous said...

What a production, but you have it down. Very impressive! I enjoy your blog and those dogs so much!! Thank you for all you do.