Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Sick, tired, and bored

I've been messing around with a summer cold the last few days and am sick of it. It was really pretty minor as illnesses go, more of an annoyance than anything else, but I haven't felt like doing much so I haven't been. I don't do nothing very well and today I decided I was over it. The cold was reduced to nothing more than a small dry cough. At that point the boredom felt worse than the cold so I hit the trails this evening with Maya and TJ. I was only planning to do a short one, maybe a couple miles, but it felt good to be out again and we ended up with a little over four miles.

It did wonders for my attitude, which I'm sure the dogs noticed. I will take a shower and wash the rest of the cold from my system. Another good night's sleep and it should all be behind us.

Rex continues to recover well from the first round of heartworm treatment. He really is a very nice, easy going dog. Rather laid back for a shepherd. I brought Sherman, the English Bulldog, into the house and into the pack today. More on that tomorrow.
They don't show up well here, but the forest floor was dotted
with white mushrooms today.

TJ and Maya jumping over a log on the trail.
TJ held up pretty well for four miles today.
We didn't do any hilly areas and it was evening
and fairly decent out by the time we went.

This is the river overlook. I take this photo a lot in the spring
and fall. You can barely see the river now, but in a few more
weeks the leaves will be falling fast.

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Sandal said...

Rex is such a good boy . I wish that Kay would have been ready . He will be a wonderful family member for some lucky people . Thank you so much for giving him your love and commitment !
You are the best !!