Friday, September 8, 2017

Walking Rex

I've been busy with work and other bullshit this week so I haven't had time to do anything with either Rex or Sherman yet. Rex will start his heartworm treatment on Monday so I took Rex for a hike on Thursday.

It was the second hike of the day for Maya and I, and I've been walking three dogs but decided it would be best to just have Rex and Maya for his first hike. It was a good decision because Rex would have been plenty to handle even by himself. Maya doesn't actively teach dogs how to walk, but she does set a good example. I'm not sure if Rex picked up on any of that, but he had a good time and I got some good exercise for my arms and shoulders alternating between holding him back and pulling him forward. The good news is that it didn't provoke any coughing on his part or anything else that would indicate that the heartworms were adversely affecting his cardiovascular system. We just went three miles, but Rex had plenty of energy and stamina and would have happily gone another three miles, or more.

He was smart enough to kiss up to Maya.
I expect he will come through the treatment just fine but I will be keeping him crated indoors after the first injection on Monday and he will have pretty limited activity for a while.

Rex at the watering hole.

Rex and Maya sharing a moment sniffing
something important.
Rex walked fairly well when Maya was out
front with him keeping him focused on the
trail. When she dropped back next to me he
tended to wander more, following his nose
or whatever caught his attention.


Kay said...

So glad Rex is in your care! Good to see him on the trail with Maya.

Anonymous said...

Rex is a handsome boy.