Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Walk and recovery

I've done a couple walks lately with Trooper, TJ, and Maya. The two boys can't go too far, but it's been a bit cooler lately so I've been able to stretch them to three and four miles. When we went out on Tuesday everyone seemed to be feeling good and strong. Maya and Trooper were out front and set a pace that was faster than we've been going this summer. I picked a route that wasn't too hilly and TJ kept up very well once he dropped to the fact that I wasn't going to stop for him to sniff and mark every tree and bush that we passed.
This is the view towards the back of the van on the way to our
hike. TJ pushes himself between the two crates to get closer to
me. Maya and Trooper are content in the back.

Meanwhile, back at home, Rex is in rest and recovery mode following his initial heartworm treatment on Monday. He didn't eat when he came home Monday evening, but he's been eating since then and getting his pills (prednisone and tramadol), which should make him feel better. I expect that in a few days the biggest problem will be his boredom from being crated.

He was good at the vet but was happy to come home and he's adjusting to indoor life. He's fine with the other dogs and everyone is accepting him, although I'm watching TJ closely because he often feels the need to assert himself with incoming male dogs. I also want to avoid a literal pissing match indoors, which sometimes happens when a new male dog arrives and meets TJ.

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