Saturday, May 16, 2015

Sleeping In (Roo ups his game)

Trooper, wondering why we didn't go outside as
soon as we got up. 

We had all the dogs indoors during the winter, but since it's warmed up I had gone back to leaving Sparky outside in his habitat most nights. The problem with that is that Sparky gets up with the sun and will start barking anytime after 5:00 a.m. if he wants food or attention. Bringing Sparky inside at night lets us, and the neighbors, sleep longer. I had nothing pressing this morning so I got a cup of coffee and went back to bed this morning to catch up on some recorded TV shows.
Vince does always want to go outside early, but
he goes out on his own and comes back to knock
on the front door when he's ready to come in.

The dogs aren't interested in television and they view this as indoor playtime with Dad. Gigi never gets up early anyway and Roo took the opportunity to climb into bed with her to continue to press his case.

Some might accuse Roo of trying to date out of his league. Gigi is an older woman, tall, slender, and elegant, not playful. Roo on the other hand is a scrawny, punk-ass kid, but it would be a mistake to sell him short. He's a kid with a lot of potential. He's got great manners, both with dogs and with people. When he puts some meat on his bones he's going to be a stunning specimen of a German Shepherd Dog. The day will come when they could make a handsome couple, but the truth in, she's just not that into him. That doesn't stop him from trying, however, and today he actually got a little play from her, just a little. 
Gigi and Roo in bed

It looks like they are snuggling, but I think this was
just a playful embrace, but Roo will take what he can get.

Toquima is trying to approach me from the side of
the bed but Maya is blocking access.

Roo is smart enough to spend some time sucking up to
Trooper too.

Maya snuggling with me in the morning.

Roo spent the first night in a crate in the office, but the second night he got us up about
4:00 a.m. I took him outside and then just brought him into the bedroom, which is what
he probably wanted all along. He used a dog bed and only got up into bed in the morning.

Gigi in her usual sleeping spot at the foot of the bed,with her own long pillow to lean against.

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