Thursday, May 28, 2015

Rottweilers Resting in Peace

It's been a tough week on Rottweilers in my world.

I got news yesterday that Bear, the rottie that we fostered temporarily for The HOWS Project had died. HOWS had saved Bear from life on a chain. We had him just a short time. Bear was a great dog, got along with everyone, and had remarkably good house manners for a dog who had been living outdoors on a chain. Bear also had a case of heartworms, however, and although he was undergoing treatment, that may have been what claimed him.

As I said, we had Bear only for a couple weeks and he got neutered and groomed while he was here. He left a happy and sweet smelling boy, smiling that big rottie smile and that's the way I will always remember him. He didn't make it out of foster care, but he knew love and care at the end and sometimes that's the most we can do.

The other rottie that we lost recently belonged to a friend of mine. I never met Cash, but I feel like I knew him and I share a bit of my friend's sorrow in losing him.

Cash was a rescue and was already a senior when my friend adopted him several years ago. Cash moved into a household with multiple dogs, cats, a rescue/rehab raven, and even a desert tortoise who stayed with them for several months. In typical rottweiler style, Cash took it all in stride, assuming the role of protector of his realm as only a rottie can do.

Nothing quite compares to the rottweiler's combination of power and tenderness.

Losing any dog is rough. Losing a rottweiler leaves a really big hole in a home. They are a big dog, with a big presence, a big smile, and big wag even if they have a little tail. There is much to miss.


Risa said...

So very sorry to hear about Bear and Cash. Rottis are big dogs with big hearts but short lives. Deepest and sincere condolences from me and my pack.

Daine said...

My family loves you forever for introducing us to Shadow, our beloved late Rottweiler companion.