Wednesday, May 13, 2015

A new life

As most of our friends know, Clay started a new job, a new career, and actually a new phase of his life recently when he became the manager of the taproom and sales for James River Brewery in Scottsville. He went from working his butt off for a bunch of bitches who didn't appreciate anything he did, to working his butt off for someone who does, and doing something he loves. And that has made all the difference.

I joined the Wednesday Mug Club and Maya
and I went down for it this evening.
The new brewery is a start up business, but that is a great learning opportunity. It gets him into a position that he's been wanting and gives him the chance to learn and do something new. If you know Clay at all, you know that he's a very conscientious person who does anything asked of him and more. The job he had before, well, I can't really say in writing the words that I would use to describe those people (but if you see me in person and want an earful of profanity, just ask.)

By most conventional measurements, his new job sucks. The pay isn't great, he works more hours than he should, and it provides no benefits. But the difference in being happy in a job and being miserable isn't how much money you make, it's whether you are valued and appreciated. Life is too short, and too valuable to be around toxic people, or just plain assholes.

James River Brewery won the "best beer" award
at the James River Runners Chili and Beer Competition
a couple weeks ago in Scottsville. The new beers they
are putting out are really good.


Claire Kaplan said...

OK, will have to head down there for a mug full! Are dogs allowed?

Claire Kaplan said...

Congratulations to Clay. We'll have to make our way down there for a cold brew on a hot day. Are dogs permitted?