Thursday, May 7, 2015

Unwarranted assumptions

This is Jake and his favorite toy, Harry the Hedgehog. He runs and grabs it when he comes back into the house after a walk, or when we return home. He grabs it, plays with it, but does not chew it. Harry still has all his hair. It's fair to say that life around here pretty much revolves around the dog, as it should. It's the same in our house, except there's more dogs.
This is the light above the front door.
Birds were building a nest on top of the light
and then pooping all over the door and the
steps below. I removed the still-empty nest
 and put this rubber snake on the light.
So far, at least, it's keeping the birds away.
We assume they are terrified of the snake.
It may work on Jehovah's Witnesses too.

We've been buying bedding plants to fill my mother's
container garden. This is a good start, but just a start.
My mother and Jake relaxing on the patio
with a drink at happy hour. Jake prefers to be
indoors, but will come outside if she's out there.
White iris in my mother's garden.
Salina actually has two breweries. This is the
stout from Blue Skye Brewery. It was good.
This is Jake in his new harness and tag that we got
today. He's an odd shaped dog, but the harness
worked well and is easy to put on. I still need to get
something to secure him in the car.
Raw materials gathered for potting. The wonderful thing
about spring is that you can and should assume that everything
you plant will thrive and will continue to bloom.

Some of the first containers planted. These will be used for
Memorial Day and then come back to my mother's yard.

We picked out an area rug for my mother's
dining room. Jake assumed it was for him. 

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like dog rescue runs in the family:-)

I'm going to try your snake trick! Not for the birds though.... :-)