Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Meet Jake

I arrived in Kansas early afternoon on Monday. The first order of business, of course, was meeting my mother's new dog, a 6 year old pug named Jake. Jake came from her local shelter where he had been surrendered after being attacked by another dog in his home. The former owners said that Jake had been the aggressor, but that was pretty obviously a laughable lie. The truth is probably that the former owners didn't want to or couldn't afford the vet care that Jake needed. Fortunately, the local humane society that runs the shelter got him treated and adopted him to my mother. He had a pretty nasty wound on his back when he first came home but it has healed up and is now well covered with fat and fur.

He's a great little dog and everyone is very happy that he joined the family.

There's a few things on a "to do" list and I started knocking off a few of those. Spring is underway here as well and I took a few pics of some of the flowers in my mother's yard. 

 We also stopped at the local liquor store. I went spelunking in their beer cave and came up with this one, and a few others.

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