Tuesday, May 24, 2016

A Sunny Day

Scarlett is a former foster, just boarding with us
for a few days.
This was Hardy's first pasture romp. He
enjoyed it, but he stuck pretty close to me
most of the time.
Finally it happened. We have had a full day of sun with no rain. I don't remember the last one. Scarlett arrived yesterday just for a few days, she will be going home on Thursday.  Toquima arrived this morning, he's just spending one night with us this time so I made a point of getting him out to run in the pasture this afternoon.
Theo is my only ball player out of this group. Max grabbed a ball when he could but he mostly
carried his stick. These two are the muddiest dogs, they seem to seek out the mud to run through.

Scarlett did more running in the
pasture than I expected.
Toquima was on the run much of the time. He would be off
doing his own thing and then come speeding past us.

This is Scarlett (rear) and Samantha (front).  They have both
been wanting some yard time but the dog yard has been too
wet and muddy. They got their fill of the outdoors today.

Hardy is young and doesn't know much, but he watches
the other dogs and he's learning. Of course, there's some
things I hope he doesn't learn from my guys.
Hardy and Theo

Toquima would be the best role model for Hardy.

Hardy and Scarlett

Samantha, Hardy, and Scarlett

Hardy and Samantha. She had always been an
only dog, so coming into this household is a
big change, but she is handling it all very well.

That hose is filling the tank with cold well water, but it was
warm enough that everyone enjoyed it. Toquima is standing
in the tank, Samantha just wants a drink, and that's Theo
in the front.
Toquima makes good use of his pasture time.
Toquima with Samantha behind him.

Samantha and Max

I can't imagine that I'll have Hardy as a foster
for very long. He's with Promises Animal Rescue.
When I get my front fence secured, I'll let Samantha out to stroll
on her own like I do with Vince and Gigi. I don't think she's
inclined to run off, but she does like to explore her territory.

Hardy is a very good looking German Shepherd Dog. He's been good indoors too, and he seems
to be fine with being crated. I was told that he's scared of women, which is unusual.
We are going to need to meet some women and see how it goes.

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Byron's mom said...

Nothing better than seeing all these happy dogs! I have fallen in love with Samantha! God she is adorable!