Saturday, May 28, 2016

Back to the trails, at least briefly

My friend Tricia called Thursday afternoon to ask if I wanted to go for an early morning hike on Friday.  I'm in avoidance mode right now, burying my head in the sand and ignoring a work project that's hanging over my head (learning new software that's essential for my job, which is supposed to launch June 6th.)  So of course I said yes.

The early morning walk enabled my avoidance behavior, but it also gave me the impetus to get back to walking.  I've been neglecting Maya's exercise needs for the last two months as I focused on yard work.  Without the regular walking I've put on weight again and my legs have gotten stiff and sore, so the walk was just what we needed.

It wasn't a strenuous hike by any means because Tricia needed to take pictures for a photo essay for the local newspaper. These pictures are mine, but look for hers in an upcoming issue of the Fluvanna Review.
I was a bit surprised that there wasn't more
water in the creeks and streams after the 40
days of rain we've had around here.

Maya thought that Tricia's behavior was somewhat odd.
She stopped frequently and laid down in the dirt.
We don't do that on our walks normally. 

This was the most interesting plant specimen we saw and
we saw quite a few of them. It's fleshly and soft like a
mushroom but it has a structure on the end that looks like
flowers. I didn't examine it closely and I suppose it could
just be something that releases spores because mushrooms
to not technically have "flowers."

Maya examined it as well but failed to
see the attraction or interest.

The mountain laurel was in bloom and
was very pretty.

Anything to get the shot.  She's sitting in mud, half
in the water. I carried the tripod when it wasn't in use
and handed her lenses out of her bag upon request.
Maya is particularly pretty in dappled sunlight.

"My little girl" or "Blond dog on a mossy bank"

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