Saturday, May 21, 2016

Samantha: A member of the tribe

She's a nice, sweet, easy dog. She's met the whole pack and everyone is cool with her. I put her bed in a crate last night so she'd have something familiar and her own space, but I suspect she will be sleeping in the bedroom soon along with everyone else.
Samantha meeting Trooper and Vince.

Today I sorted out a new leather collar with tags and starter bling, making Samantha a full-fledged member of the tribe.

She found the main, non-toilet, water supply.

As the newest member, Samantha got the newest
bling, the University of Montana key chain I picked
up in Missoula last week, along with a few others
that weren't being worn by anyone.


Karen O'Kain said...

What a lovely girl. Wish I could bring her to Vancouver.

Risa said...

What a sweet face Samantha has! Glad that she has landed with you

Byron's mom said...

Look at her face! One day with you and she knows she has a new lease on life!