Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Spring time in Kansas

I've been in Salina, Kansas visiting my mother and helping plant her container garden for the year, as well as a few other miscellaneous tasks. She has gorgeous iris that are in bloom and she should have a great looking garden for the rest of the summer. She had been talking about cutting back the quantity of flowers that we plant, and we did. We left four or five pots empty that I'm sure we had planted last year. However, I did a count of all the pots we had planted or will be planted, in different areas of the yard, and still came up with 60.

That's one of those numbers, along with how much is spent filling the containers, that we might have been better off not knowing. Sometimes it's better not to count.

We took her little pug, Jake, out for boarding this morning and later today we are headed to Helena, Montana, where one of my sisters lives. Her daughter is graduating from pharmacy school later this week. I'll fly home from there, but mother is staying a few more days to visit Yellowstone and then will fly home.


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Anonymous said...

Gorgeous iris!