Monday, May 23, 2016

A visit from Jasso

Sunday was a busy day.  In addition to taking in Hardy, we had a visit from Jasso.  His adopter passes this way occasionally when visiting her parents and she contacted me about stopping by for a quick visit with Jasso.  That dog continues to impress and amaze me.  He has such a solid temperament.  He wasn't anxious or nervous about being back here, and I think if he had stayed he would have slipped back into his old habits and routine without missing a beat.  He greeted me, checked out the familiar smells and noticed a couple new ones.  
Gigi came downstairs to see who it was.  She gave him a quick once over sniff, followed by the "oh, it's you again" look, and went back upstairs to reclaim her spot in the bedroom.  Jasso checked out his old crate and some new scents in the kitchen and then settled down on a rug prepared to take a nap.  

He's doing great in his new home, cats and all.  He loves to travel and he's good with everyone he meets.  His coat has continued to fill out and improve.  He's had a recurrence of the ear infection, but that's just going to be a chronic problem with this dog.  It cleared up when treated and he's watched very closely.  He's eating a limited ingredient, kangaroo-based dog food and seems to be doing well on it.  He is once again loving life as he should.

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Andrea said...

I love all your updates, but the ones about Jasso are so touching, probably because of his past. Thank you for sharing!