Sunday, May 22, 2016

Hardy's Travels KEKX-KCRW-KCHO

Hardy is an eight month old neutered male German Shepherd Dog. He is already neutered and vaccinated, which is very nice. He had come to the shelter as a stray but the vet work was done by the shelter prior to transport, thank you very much.
He had a seat to himself in the back of
the plane so he could lie down.

I believe this was at the transfer in Charleston, WV.
Hardy started his day at a shelter in Elizabethtown, KY. He was driven to Addington Field, Elizabethtown Regional Airport (KEKX) where he met a private pilot. Even with door-to-door service, Hardy was not completely immune to the vagaries of airline travel, and his first flight was somewhat delayed due to weather. However, because he was meeting another private pilot, he was in no danger of missing his connecting flight when he arrived at Yeager Airport in Charleston, WV (KCRW). From there he rode without a crate in the back seat of a small plane that brought him to Charlottesville (KCHO) where I met him Sunday afternoon about 3:45 p.m.
You can see Hardy sitting up in the back seat.
He's tethered back there but they said he rode
very nicely.

This was my first look at Hardy, as he stepped
into the airport in Charlottesville.

He rode home in a crate next to Maya and came directly indoors where he met Maya, Gigi, Vince, and Samantha. He didn't eat his dinner but Samantha was happy to clean it up for him. I then moved him out to the dog yard where he met Trooper and Theo.

Hardy meeting Samantha and Maya
Hardy meeting Gigi
From all indications he's a nice, friendly, young shepherd boy. Just a little shy at first with strangers, but appropriately so. I haven't yet figured out sleeping arrangements for the night, but I think I'll have him in a crate in the office along with Max. Scarlett comes tomorrow for three nights and Toquima the next day, but just for one night. Some day this week Finn should be coming back, so we will have a full house again. If Finn's leg is fully healed I think he will love playing with Hardy.

Thank you to the shelter in Elizabethtown, to all the pilots involved, and to Promises for getting him here today.
Meeting Trooper
Hardy (right) with Trooper (front)
and Theo (rear)
Trooper checking him out.

Theo, sizing him up for play

He's a good looking dog, both from the front and
in profile.
Samantha is 14 and Hardy is less than
a year, but she was fine with him.

He seems happy to be here.


Risa said...

He is very handsome. I'm sure you won't have him very long.
(And I need to make a donation to Pilots 'n' Paws.)

Byron's mom said...

He's a real cutie! You have quite the houseful now!!!