Tuesday, May 3, 2016

In between rains

Gigi, of course
Life has been happening in between rains lately. There's over 2" of rain in my rain gauge since all this started and there's nothing but more of the same in the forecast. I'm feeling pretty smug about getting all my major outdoor work done in the last couple weeks before the rains came.

With a stick in his mouth, it must be Max.
In between rains we've had some pretty days, or partial days, but the ground is saturated and water is standing any place it can't run off. I'm keeping the dogs indoors so they don't get muddy in the dog  yard, but this afternoon I took Theo, Max, and Gigi out to the pasture to run. They may get wet out there but it's not muddy. Vince came outdoors with us too, but he refused to come out to the pasture with the other dogs. He prefers to do his own thing.

Theo is the only ball player we have now.

Max running downhill, Theo returning with ball.

Max (left) and Theo (right)

Gigi ran by herself, stopping to eat grass.

Max and Theo in the shade, Gigi running towards me.

Theo amid the buttercups

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