Sunday, May 1, 2016

The bee kennel

Theo outside the new bee hive kennel.
He's wanting me to come out and throw the ball.
I have been quite busy around here this spring. There's nothing like a trip to motivate me to do everything that I've been leaving undone for the past two years or more. Suddenly everything seems urgent. Spring is a busy time, there's always a lot to do just keeping up with the grass and weeds. This year I've been reclaiming some overgrown territory as well as doing regular maintenance chores. And my bees arrive in just a few days.
Max, with log in mouth, just passing through while
I'm setting up the kennel.

I set up a kennel out in the pasture for the bee hive. Not to contain the bees, as it obviously would not, but to exclude the dogs. The dogs don't have access to the pasture unless I take them out to run, so the bees will have peace and quiet most of the time, but when I do take the dogs out to run and play ball I wanted to keep them away from the hive for their own protection.

Theo and Max outside the kennel.
We'll see how it goes but I'm excited about the prospect of having bees and producing honey, not this year, but hopefully next.

Gigi and Theo

Black dog, green grass, and yellow buttercups



Gigi likes to run and she's certainly built for it.

This was another weekend project. It still needs some adjustments but I needed to wait until
Clay was home to help. The planters have lantana in them which should be very pretty in a few weeks.

An evening and rainy day project -- Memorial Day wreaths for the family cemetery in Kansas.

Theo the Great
Gigi makes a lovely silhouette. 

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Tanya2 said...

Oh my heart - that stone planter construct is fabulous! Where did the old stone come from?