Thursday, May 5, 2016

Trials and tribulations with Maya

I'm becoming one of those dog people who starts every conversation with "Yesterday my dog ate . . ." Maya had actually been fine when left home alone for a few occasions but now she's back to getting into or doing something any time she's left alone. She's innovative and rarely repeats a bad behavior, it's always something new. I even leave out "bait" items, hoping she will destroy them rather than something unexpected, but that rarely works.

We were all surprised when Max jumped into bed with
Maya, Gigi, and me last night. He either didn't get the
"only girl dogs in bed" memo, or didn't understand it.
Yesterday I was outside working in the afternoon because it was actually not raining for a change. I had left two pounds of hamburger and one pound of chorizo thawing the sink because I was planning to make chili for Clay to eat while I'm gone next week. It was a stupid mistake on my part. By the time I thought about it while I was outside, it was already too late. I came in to find just remnants of the packaging on a dog bed. My biggest concern was the styrofoam and plastic wrap that she had consumed along with the three pounds of raw meat. I gave her a dose of hydrogen peroxide and sat outside with her waiting for her to vomit it up, but nothing happened. I repeated the dose and we waited some more, but nothing.

We went to bed and I made a point of getting her to sleep close to me in the hope that I'd be aware if she had any gastro-intestinal distress during the night. She didn't. She slept soundly and somehow even managed to produce a solid stool in the morning, although I don't think the bulk of the chili fixings had yet made it through her digestive tract. This is the dog who was living out of trash cans when she was on her own during the six week runaway episode when we first got her. The girl has an iron stomach. All I can say is that life with Maya is never boring.

Max took Gigi's spot at the foot of the bed, but since Clay was
out of town, Gigi had established herself on his pillows.
Maya slept in the middle, up against me.

I'm still amazed that Maya and Gigi will compete to see
who can be closest to me, but they never have a conflict.

Maya, Max, and Gigi

Vince is just glad that the fosters and boarders are gone
so he had his bed to himself again.


Anonymous said...

Loves these photos! Have to say, Max is a brave boy to get up on the bed with the girls! How is Maya feeling now? I just can't get over the quantity of what she ate! I hope she is ok!

Britta said...

Wow Brent...always an adventure with Maya. Life is never boring because she is so creative!