Thursday, February 9, 2017

Escaping the wind

This evening's sunset, pink and blue clouds beyond the birches.
The wind blew hard today. It wasn't all that cold, but after the last several days of unseasonably warm weather, the colder air blowing at 50 mph really felt cold. I didn't hike and most of the dogs spent most of the day indoors. The Saint Bernard didn't seem bothered by it, however. She probably appreciated the cool breeze after sweltering in the heat on forced marches through the woods over the last few days.

The pictures are just a few random shots on my phone that I haven't yet shared.

Vince and Samantha on the two large dog beds next to my
side of the bed. Vince prefers the one on the left.
The fireplace in the kitchen.

Maya and Samantha

I still very happy with the new kitchen.

Gigi nestled into the pillows on the
freshly made bed. I don't know if it's for
warmth or comfort, but she usually
arranges them, and herself, in a nest. 

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