Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentine's-Adoption-Birthday

Lots of things to celebrate today. It is Valentine's Day. It is Simba's first birthday. It is the one year anniversary of Jasso's adoption. The first picture, however, is none of those things, it's former foster Daphne and a little Golden Doodle pup named Gus who is visiting her for the week.  Daphne is teaching him manners, and there's nothing better than a female rottie for doing that.

Then, because it's Valentine's Day, we have the obligatory pictures of Maya snuggling with me in bed, and of her snuggling with Trooper. She and Trooper together are just too cute for words.

Today is also Simba's first birthday. He's a sweet boy and he's really doing very well around here. He's quite fond of Lily and he plays with her a lot. She's really just a big, long-haired toy as far as he's concerned. He also plays with Max when Lily is tired of him, and getting Max to play like a normal dog is no small feat. Simba doesn't know that, however, and he just approaches him like he would any other dog and eventually gets Max to play like any other dog. Simba loves his stuffed toys but I have to keep them away from Max, who would shred them in an instant.

I received a text this evening along with these pictures of Jasso, reminding me that it was a year ago today and he went to his new home. He's still doing well and he now has another senior shepherd companion to hang out with.


Margo said...

Your Max reminds me of my late Max. They are so much alike in looks and disposition. Does my heart good to know he can play like a normal dog once in a while.

Anonymous said...

I love all these pics and really enjoyed seeing Jasso! You have quite a cutie pie couple with Trooper and Maya! Sounds like a perfect Valentine's day to me:-)

Risa said...

AWWW....make me smile after a crappy day.