Monday, February 6, 2017

Lily of the field (and stream)

Maya and I took Lily on her first hike this afternoon. It was a beautiful, spring-like day, perfect for a hike. We did four miles, at a record slow pace. Lily isn't in a rush to get any place. The trail walking is new to her and she liked being out and about, but she wanted to stroll casually along and see things. Maya and I walk a bit more purposefully, like we have somewhere to go and ground to cover.

But she was good for the most part. She can pull hard when she wants to, but except when we surprised a couple deer she was a pretty easy going walker. When we got to the end, she hopped up onto a tree stump and posed nicely for me. There are lots of pics; she's a pretty girl and my first foster Saint.

She has spent most of the day in the dog yard and has been fine with everyone. We have a vet appointment scheduled for tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

What a beauty!