Sunday, February 26, 2017

Trying out the new ride

I spent much of Saturday morning moving out of the old van and into the new one. It's a bit like moving house. I had far more stuff in there than I imagined. I stored the removed seats from the new van and restored the stowed seats to the old van to get it ready for sale. The old rubber mat worked in the new van, saving me from buying and cutting a new one. Sparky supervised the process and afterwards a number of dogs took turns checking out the new ride.
Gigi said, "It will do."

Theo was ready to roll. 

The warm temps and sunshine on Saturday brought the
Saucer Magnolia into bloom -- the earliest it has ever bloomed.

Maya and TJ before our walk on Sunday morning.

The daffodils are blooming and the forsythia is coming out too.

Sunday morning was cooler but perfect for hiking. Maya and
I took TJ for a three mile hike.

TJ seems to have come through the surgery well, and if he's
missing his testicles, he isn't complaining.

After TJ's three miles, Maya and I took Sparky
out for another three miles.

Sparky enjoyed the hike and thought the new van was fine.

Maya may have been tired after six miles, but
she would have gone another six if I had asked.

Although the didn't get to ride in the van or
go for a hike, I took Theo, Toquima, Max, and
Trooper out to the pasture for an afternoon romp.


Irene Hunter said...

I'm afraid I still have 2 laundry baskets tied up with Unidentified Objects removed from 2 previous cars! Laundry baskets are WAY too handy for toting all this stuff away "to go through later"! Consequently, I drag all my wet laundry out to the lines in my arms! Actually that works better on my achy back than the posture required to carry a full basket. So, there sit the piles of old maps, ad fliers, gum packs and who knows what!

Brent said...

I was fairly ruthless in disposing of things from the old van, I didn't even move over the sticky change that it had collected.