Friday, February 10, 2017

Cloudy day with a silver lining

The day started off cold but clear. The sun was shining, yesterday's wind was gone, and it was a beautiful day. That didn't last, however. The clouds moved in and it seemed colder as it always does to me when the sun doesn't shine. I guess we will miss seeing the full moon/eclipse/comet tonight, but the day had a silver lining nonetheless because Abby got adopted.

I had met the young woman two weeks ago in northern Virginia at an adoption event. Last weekend Clay and I had taken Abby to her home so the whole family could meet her. Today she and a friend drove down to pick up Abby and take her home.

Abby is a lot of dog in a small package so she will have her hands full, particularly given the fact that she's a first time dog owner, but she wants it to work and she's been preparing and planning to make it work. She can take the dog to work with her, which is a big benefit for the dog, and she's set up with crates both at work and at home. She's already contacted a trainer and will start that next week. And she took Friday off to have a long weekend at home with the dog at the beginning of their relationship.

Abby will be a great dog with some time, training, love, and attention. I think she will get all of that in her new home, but cross your fingers or paws, wish them good luck, click your heels together three times, light a candle, or say a little prayer to the deity of your choice. Abby has found a new home; we should be very happy for Abby; good night, Abby.

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Anonymous said...

Super cute dog. Kudos to the adopter. Paws and fingers crossed for them.