Saturday, February 25, 2017

Simba and other news

I guess it was a week ago Sunday that I took Simba to his new home. It's a great home (former adopters) and he's a great dog, but sometimes you want to just wait a while and see how things work out before saying anything to avoid jinxing it.

He's a young male, not exactly what they are used to, but he's a sweet boy. While I was still there he ran upstairs and came back down carrying a shoe. He found the dog bed and knew that it was for him. From what I'm hearing, things are going pretty well and I'm very glad. He needed a home where he would start getting some training.

Maya went with us, of course, to give her final approval on the new home.

In other news, I hear that Abby is doing well in her new home. She's in training already and I'm sure she will do well because she is very smart dog.

TJ got neutered on Thursday, so there's a little less of him around here now. He tested positive for Lyme and Erlichia, but he dodged the big bullet by being negative for heartworms. He's fitting in pretty well around here. He's finally marking slightly less often indoors. He sleeps in the bedroom with most of the rest of pack now. Toquima is here for a fairly long visit this time so he will be making appearances on the blog from time to time. Scarlett is scheduled to be here in March, and Cooper and Teddy too. It's going to be more boarding and less fostering for a while, and that's fine. I'm not sure what the adoption prospects will be for a 12 year old Siberian Husky, so he may be a long term foster. We will see.

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