Wednesday, February 1, 2017

More hiking

This has been a good week for hiking - no rain, mild temps, and the mud is finally drying up.

Monday was five miles with Maya and Abby.
Sparky's obligatory roll on the grass in the sun.

Tuesday I did three miles with Maya and Sparky, followed by another three with Maya and Abby.

Wednesday I took out three dogs for the first time since last winter: Maya, Theo, and Trooper.

I really trying to get back to the daily hike routine. I need to get some weight walked off this winter before the ticks come back and the grass starts to grow.

I'm keeping both Sparky and Trooper to 3 mile
hikes for now. They seem fine with that.

Abby, of course, can go forever.

I hope to be taking Abby to her new home on Saturday.

Serious shepherd business. They are all sniffing another dog's
poop or deer poop. They did a lot of that today.

Not much was missed with three sets of shepherd ears.

Just the boys, Theo and Trooper

Walking into the setting sun.

We do walk like we own the trails, but if we do meet anyone
we pull well off the trails to let them pass in peace.

Can anyone explain to me why some folks
seem to bag up their dog's poop but then
drop the bag along the trail?  What is the
point?  Better to leave it exposed.

Only Maya seems to understand that this was supposed to be a photo op.
The boys just wanted to mark the post and sniff around.

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