Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Lily -- vet and another hike

Lily had a vet visit Tuesday afternoon. It was just a basic exam, which went well, and a rabies vaccine. She was sweet, friendly, and cooperative, unlike most of my own dogs. She weighed only 82 pounds, so she's in the enviable position of needing to gain at least 20 pounds unlike most of us, especially me, who need to lose at least 20. I haven't yet heard the results of the fecal analysis, but I started her on a three day course of de-worming with Panacur as soon as we got home.

Maya rode along with us, of course, so after the vet visit went stopped by Darden Towe park for a walkabout. We walked the trail along the Rivanna, around the park, and around the Lewis & Clark Discovery Center. It was a warm day, approaching hot if you're a Saint Bernard, but Lily hung in there and we covered four miles.

The first night she arrived she was perfectly quiet in her crate at night. The second night she made some noise. I'm not sure if she was objecting to being shut in the crate or being shut in the office while most of the pack was in the bedroom. It didn't go on too long though. We'll see how the third night goes.

The boats all had historically inaccurate flags on them.
Don't ask me why.

She's thin but it's nothing that some food can't fix. Maybe I'll mix up a batch of Satin Balls.

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Byron's mom said...

Lily is adorable! I love the pics of her standing side by side with Maya. Just precious.