Saturday, February 18, 2017

First things first

It was a laid back, but eventful Saturday. I was sore from the 8 miles that Maya and I did on Friday so we didn't walk. I worked overtime instead, but finished that up about mid-afternoon when I got a call from The HOWS Project about an owner surrendered shepherd mix. More on that later, but first things first. Lily got adopted today.

I had spoken with the applicants yesterday and liked them. They were excited about the prospect of Lily. They came late this afternoon, bringing their three year old son and nine month old Golden Retriever along. Fortunately they had a very large vehicle because Lily went home as part of their family.

I'm very fond of this girl and have been from the start. If we didn't already have eight dogs she would never have left here, but we do, and we mostly have refugees from the island of unadoptable dogs. Lily was highly adoptable, and she's the first Saint Bernard I've had as a foster. She had a lot of potential adopters and certainly didn't need to stay here. She will get more one-on-one time and attention in her new home. They loved her and she loved them; lots of hugs, leans, and snuggles. She has a younger sibling to show her the ropes in her new home and to be a live-in playmate.

I'll miss her, of course. You don't have a Saint Bernard around the house and not miss it when it's gone. That's a lot of dog, even a small, underweight Saint like Lily. But her spot was filled before she even left. The HOWS Project was gifted with a 12 year old shepherd mix named TJ today. He's here tonight, has met everyone and is doing well. Seems like a nice guy. Looks like a wolf.

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