Sunday, July 1, 2012

New adoption venue

Hank is a dog's dog. 
One of these days Hank's enthusiasm will land him in a home.
A group of VGSR volunteers are trying to get something going in Harrisonburg.  They scheduled an adoption event for Saturday at the Petco.  I provided most of the foster dogs, which is what I do best at these things.  It's less of a drive for me than Gainesville or Front Royal and it was on a Saturday instead of Sunday, which was sort of a nice change of my usual weekend routine.

There were several people who came out to meet dogs having seen flyers about it.  The store manager donated about a dozen cans and several bags of good dog food, which I can always use.  We had had a very severe windstorm blow through the night before and many people were without electricity in their homes but the shopping center had power and there was a good crowd.

Arielle and Hank
Everything about Arielle is classic shepherd.
I got Arielle on Friday afternoon.  She didn't know me and I didn't know her.  On Saturday morning I put her in the back of the van with Hank where they met nose to nose for the first time.  I took her out in public to an adoption event.  There are so many things wrong about that scenario I can't begin to count them, but everything was all right, as I thought it would be.  She's a sweet girl, acts very young, can't be more than two years old, maybe not even that.  She was good with the other dogs, good with people.  The worst thing I can say about her was that she was very vocal.  She had a lot to say and wanted everyone to hear it. 

Max (left) was his normal anxious, needy self.  He would rather have stayed at home, but he was ok as long as he was with me.  One of my former foster's Lexy (right) came by.  She has been in another foster home for several weeks but went home yesterday with her new adoptive family.   

Dixie and Hank

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