Friday, July 6, 2012

The face of Hope

This is Hope.  She was originally called Lilly and she was one of the hoarder shepherds from back in March, 2011.  She was extremely shy, and still is.  She seeks human companionship on her own terms even now.  She still startles with any rapid movement or noise, but she has adapted and is thriving.  Her adopters are just too wonderful for words.  They took her when she was a complete basket case and looked like hell.  They have infinite patience.  They haven't imposed any timeline, schedule, or expectations on her.  They have adapted to her as much as she has to them.  She's never going to be an outgoing, love everyone, kind of dog.  They are letting her be the dog that she is and are helping her to grow, to trust, and to experience good things in the world.  I think this is one of very few pictures of Hope where she is actually looking at the camera and person holding it.  That's the face of Hope.

While I'm on the subject of the hoarder dogs, there are two pics of old man Anthony, now called Bauer.  He's really good with, and protective of, the kids in his new home.  Anthony was fostered by and adopted out by another VGSR volunteer.  I would never have thought about or even considered placing him in a home with young kids, but it's been a great home.  He certainly deserved it after living so many years with the fat fuck whore, Jennifer Brooks.  (If you are new to this blog, go back to the posts at the beginning of March, 2011, for that story.)

Daphne went back to her home on Thursday.  Her mom returned from her trip and stopped to pick her up on the way home from the airport.  Daphne was funny.  When I gathered up her bed, food, and the other things that had come with her, she knew that something was up and probably knew she was going home.  But when her mom arrived her greeting was a little subdued.  I think she may have been trying to lay a guilt trip on her for going away and leaving her with me for a while.  However, I am sure she is stuck to her like glue now that they are home.  Daphne is a sweet, sweet girl and very smart.  It's been nice to have a female rottie around the house again.  Everyone accepted her and she acted like the belonged here and owned the place, of course.

I went up to Pleasant Grove to the community garden to water and check on my tomato plants. Two were gone, broken off or just dead, although one was regrowing from the base.  The others are thriving and I even saw a couple blooms. I pulled a few weeds and gave them all a good drink. The container garden is still doing well, but I'm watering it daily, and parts of it twice daily.  I will be glad when this exteme hot weather breaks.  I can't believe that so many people are still without power, nor can I believe how lucky we were.  I also can't believe we will be that lucky next time there's a storm and power outage, so now really is the time I should buy a generator.

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Lindsay said...

I'm so happy that Hope and Bauer are doing well. They certainly deserve the good homes they have found.