Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Day of the doctors

At the vet in the exam room.
Monday was the day for doctors' visits in our household.  Clay and I both had our regular six month checkups with our primary care physician, nothing remarkable here, just a coincidence that they were both on the same day.  Today was also the day that Clay went back to the hand surgeon.  The middle finger of his left hand is still numb above the first knuckle due to some nerve damage.  The doctor thinks it may be repairable and they've scheduled him for outpatient surgery later in July, after our New York trip.

I swear this dog poses for the camera.
After the vet visit, Gigi climbed on top of the crates
in the back of the van to get closer to me.
Our other doctor's appointment today was with Gigi.  Just when I thought we were getting her digestion back on track, it went south again this past weekend.  I took her to the vet and dropped her off before my doctor's appointment this afternoon and then went back for hers at 5:30.  Fortunately, they had been able to collect enough of a stool sample to run a test and she had clostridium, which explains why my efforts to get her back to normal were not working.  We also gave her a booster for her bordatella vaccine.  This was her first vet visit as "my dog" because she was still a foster when I first took her in.  My mother made Gigi's adoption fee my birthday gift, and my birthday is Tuesday, July 3rd, so it was time to make Gigi's new status official. 

Waiting in the shade at Jiffy Lube
I got a prescription for the medication she needed and I wanted her started on it right away, so I took it to a pharmacy and then we went shopping next door at Tractor Supply, where I bought a huge fan to move more air through the outdoor kennels.  (That was my birthday present to myself.)  That didn't take long and I had an hour to wait, so I had some fast food and then we went to Jiffy Lube for an oil change in the van, which has 233,000 miles on it now (you gotta love Toyotas).  Gigi hasn't been a lot of places in her life so all this was very new to her.  She did well, was nice to everyone, but she assumed a position of safety behind me whenever possible.  Everyone who met her at the vet and Jiffy Lube thought she was beautiful, as she is. 

Gigi had several new experiences today.
She was glad to get back home.
New experiences aren't all they're cracked up to be.
We went back to the pharmacy for the pills and I called home to have Clay put on a pot of chicken and rice for Gigi to eat with her pills.  Tomorrow I'll start her back on the probiotic and some yogurt as well, and this time we will get this problem resolved.  Better living through chemistry.


Julie Garrou said...

She's a superstar, she really is.

BudsBuddy said...

Gigi is very photogenic. In some of these shots she resembles the famous Wegman Weimaraners!

BudsBuddy said...

PS-Happy Birthday, Brent!