Friday, August 29, 2014

Learning the social graces

I tried to keep Grady confined to the crate or the
small fenced yard off our kitchen for the first two
days after his neuter. This is Grady looking through
the window wondering why he's all alone.
Groot and Grady are both young and pretty wild. They've been coming indoors at night this week to learn about crate training and take at least the first steps towards civility.

Grady and Maya. Today I relented and let
Grady out to the dog yard to play with Groot.
When he fills out, he's going to be a great looking dog.
Grady got neutered on Wednesday. He was bad at the vet and I'm not surprised because he was very scared. Ideally, I would have waited a week at least until he trusted me and then we would have gone in for the exam and vaccines, and then gone back another day to be neutered. But I needed to get this dog neutered as soon as possible since we are going on vacation in another week, so he was dropped off at the vet without me to get everything done at once. To their credit, the folks at Old Dominion Animal Hospital handled it, but he was scared and behaved badly. He's a sweet boy, but he needs confidence-building and socialization that I don't have a lot of time for right now. The trust comes fairly easily, but it takes a bit of effort on the part of the human. I think it will become easier for him as time goes on.

After his neuter he had to be indoors and he was good with the crate, once I shove his butt in there. I brought Groot inside to be in the crate next to his at night. That was new for Groot too and he barked for about 10 minutes the first night but then was quiet and the later nights were pretty easy.

Both boys are lacking in manners. They jump a lot, mostly from excitement. Grady has the habit of running between your legs. Groot is food aggressive with other dogs, but I can take food away from both of them with no problem.

They are both works in progress, but I think they will both be great dogs.

Grady tested positive for Lyme so
he's getting some doxy and canned
food along with a good amount of dry
food twice a day.

Grady in a crate up in my office today.
He learned to do the stairs but what he
really wanted was to go outside to play.
Grady (left) and Groot (right) in their crates.
Grady is good but doesn't want to go in.
Groot fussed a bit the first night but has been
good since then.

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