Tuesday, August 19, 2014


The rotties got together and told me there's been too many shepherds on the blog lately. You don't say "no" to a pack of rottweilers, so here's a few of the black and tan beauties.

Daphne is a former foster who stays with us
occasionally when her mom goes out of town.
Daphne has been with us for
the past few days, she's going
home tomorrow. She fits in well
around here.

This is Jingle. He's in a shelter now and he may be a
future foster. He was given up by his owner along with
a female lab who has already gone to another rescue group. 

This is a former foster named Radix. I stole this picture from his adopter's Facebook page today. Radix is 12 years old today and is doing very well. He's in a great rottweiler home now, thanks
mostly to Stacey Vaughn Norris and The Hows Project. I'm sure he got something special today,
but really he gets the best thing a dog could want everyday, a great home.
Happy Birthday, Radix!
It was rather hot and humid today, but Sparky and I
did 5 miles on the trails. We took it slow and easy
for the most part, but we did it.

And of course, Sparky, my personal trainer.

I would have liked to get in there and splash around
with Sparky today.

This guy was in the middle of the trail today.
Sparky paid no attention to him, and
I expect the turtle was happy about that.
Pretty wildflower spotted along the trail.
I don't know its name.

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bbes tribe said...

Those Rotties are beautiful. The cool water on the hike looked refreshing and good to cool feet in.
Ernie and the furkids