Monday, December 1, 2014

Daisy or Maya Sr.?

I was contacted about this girl before Thanksgiving. She was an owner surrender, coming through an out-of-state shelter to a local SPCA, and today she came to me as a foster for Promises Animal Rescue. She's a nice girl, very uncertain, but not fear aggressive. Apparently she's always been an outside dog. She was hesitant to come into the house, and she's in and settled into a crate in the kitchen for now.

She's a little overweight, she's got that spayed female, middle aged spread going on, but her biggest problem is that she's heartworm positive. Fortunately, the Charlottesville SPCA is going to treat her for us, starting on Wednesday.

It was about dark by the time we got home and I got everyone in position, but she did very well meeting the other dogs.

Meeting Trooper, I always start with Trooper.
Until I had them together, I didn't realize how much she looks like Maya, or an older version of Maya anyway. They've got essentially the same coloring and markings, black muzzle, white feet, and dirty blond fur. She's more shepherdy looking than Maya, I guess, but there's definitely some similarity there.
She met Vince as well, before we even
got inside.

Charlie used to be a jerk meeting new dogs,
but he's pretty good at it now.
Meeting Ochie and hopefully figuring
out where to poop and pee. She's never
been indoors except at the shelter.

Here she is meeting Maya, no problems here but look
how Maya has her full all up. Very similar coloring and markings.

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Risa said...

Both Maya and Daisy bear a striking resemblance to the late and much lamented Knibble. She and her brother Byte were my first GDS and both were solid tan with black faces. Good dogs, long gone, much missed.