Thursday, December 18, 2014

Pack Walk

Today's hike didn't set any records for distance (five miles) or speed (17.5 minutes/mile), but it was the first time that I've walked three dogs at once. Two dogs is a pair, three is a pack, and all of them were shepherds so they were sharing a single brain.

On yesterday's hike with just Max and Maya, I was barely able to control them both when they spotted a deer. Today we stuck to dry, grassy trails for better footing, open area for less chance of deer spotting, and I put a prong collar on Max that I could switch his leash to if necessary (it wasn't).

It was a good walk, not a lot of other people around, and Trooper kept up better than he has in the past.

Trooper is beginning to blow his coat.

I found a post I could tie the leashes to for a
head-first photo.

Max and Trooper (Maya was off doing her own
thing in this picture.)

A shepherd May pole

We had surprisingly few leash entanglements.

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