Wednesday, December 24, 2014

And if I had a pony

This is the picture that was circulating
around Facebook on Tuesday. 
I never was one of those kids who was always wanting a pony for Christmas, but I got one anyway, on Christmas Eve.
My first look at Diesel coming around
the corner at the shelter.

He's got some jowls.
His name is Diesel and his picture was floating around on Facebook yesterday. His owners had moved and left him behind, home alone in an empty house for a month. Someone came by daily to feed him. He went to someone else who kept him for two days but then turned him into the shelter when he broke a window, reportedly due to extreme separation anxiety. He's three years old and unneutered but he soon will be. I don't know his weight but I'm glad I don't have to pick him up.
In the back of the van on the
drive home.

I wanted him immediately but waited until hearing the results of a dog-on-dog meeting before agreeing to take him. Wednesday morning I drove up to the shelter in Orange to bring him home as a foster for Green Dogs Unleashed.

He does not seem to be a picky eater.
He's not the tallest Dane I've ever seen, but he's got a nice solid, chunky build, and huge feet. He's friendly and laid down for a belly rub on the floor in the reception area of the shelter while we completed the paperwork. He is too big for the transport crates in my van, but he stepped right into the area in the rear of the van and even laid down for much of the drive home, just standing up when we slowed or stopped so he could see where we were.
His paw in mine.

I gave him a little time in a kennel by himself so he could get the lay of the land from a position of safety. We put a bowl with four cups of food in front of him and he immediately ate it up. A little later we introduced him to Ochie and Barkley in the dog yard and he was fine with them. We will introduce him to the rest of the pack over the next few days, but I do not anticipate any problems.

Meeting Barkley

Ochie steered clear of the new guy for a while.
Barkley ran right up to greet him.

He's got a great look.


Anonymous said...

Holy cow, those are some enormous feet! He's a good looking Dane :)


Jan crowther said...

Wow! Those paws are something! He's beautiful- so glad you found him.