Wednesday, December 17, 2014

More From Former Fosters

Dancer is now a certified therapy dog. He shares his home
with Layla from my prior post.
Here are more pics from the mail of former fosters in their new homes. Keep them coming; nothing makes me happier.

This is Daphne, who visits here when her human
travels. She's loved, spoiled, and devoted.

Harley was given up to me from an older
woman who gave her lots of love but couldn't
do much else for her. Her adopter is a young,
active woman, who gives her lots of love and
lots of activity. She has been gently removing
ornaments from the tree and collecting them
on her bed. Maternal nesting? or just hoarding?

Lana now has a full time job as baby monitor.
The child is walking now so she will be busier
than ever. Sweet girl, great home.
These last two pics show Bernie (formerly Rowdy)
and Radix (below) on a piece of property recently
acquired by their adopter in Greene County.

Right now it's just a weekend camping place, but eventually
it will be a little piece of rottweiler heaven here on earth.

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