Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Snow: Before, during, and after

The snow is just beginning here, but
Daisy and Barkley are ready to come in.
Trooper with snow on his back.
Trooper in a crate in my office. This is how
most of them spent most of the day.
We spent much of Monday preparing for the much anticipated first snow of the season. We took down the two remaining shade canopies from their frames over the kennels because they really are not intended to carry a snow load. We scooped poop before it became buried in the snow, and generally got prepared.

It started earlier than predicted so I'm glad we had the storm prep chores accomplished before noon. Much of the day we just sat inside and watched it snow.

Diesel is now going out the front of the
house on a long line, under supervision,
to keep him away from the straw that
seems to have caused a flare up on his
allergy problem.

Vince, in his preferred spot, at my feet, under my desk.
We got maybe 6"-7" and it was all done by morning and it was even sunny much of the day. They didn't plow our road until late afternoon, however, so we still spent most of the day inside, which gets old fast. We did get most everyone out for a little fun throughout the day. All 10 dogs are in the house at night and will be until it gets considerably warmer.

 Tuesday afternoon in the pasture:

Daisy didn't run as much as the boys,
but she enjoyed herself out there.

Max (a/k/a Mad Max) and Daisy

Max is pretty any time and any place, but he never looks better than he does against the snow.

Daisy, Barkley, and Max

Daisy's colors are very pretty in the snow.
I walked down to the brush pile in the pasture and got
Max a stick to carry as he ran.

Scooby didn't even seem to be slowed down by the snow.

Max, Scooby, Daisy, and Barkley

Barkley (left) is fast, but no one out there today could outrun Scooby.

Diesel, Maya, and I went for a short walk down
our road after it was plowed in the afternoon.
Max should be tired tonight.


Britta said...


Great pictures of your pack enjoying the snow.

Sharon Swan

Anonymous said...

Such happy, happy dogs!