Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Brown Eyed Handsome Man

Jonesy is our newest Promises foster dog. He's a well mixed shepherd stray out of South Carolina. The shelter he was in thought so highly of this boy that they had kept him since last November and even found the money to treat his heartworms. That was just a couple weeks ago so he's still in the stage where he needs to be kept quiet. His shyness may work in his favor right now. He's content in his crate most of the time, but he's gradually becoming more comfortable around here and his inquisitive nature is beginning to show.

He's been fine with all the dogs but I've been keeping Scarlett with him a lot because she's relatively new too and I thought she'd clue him in on our operation around here. Yesterday he followed her upstairs to my office and he set about exploring the second floor of the house. He marks a little bit (he's not yet neutered), but only on places that other dogs have marked before him. If I get him directly outdoors when he comes out of his crate he immediately does his business so we really haven't had any problems.

He's not eating as well as I'd like and I'm not sure why. I've been adding panacure to his food just on the assumption that he's got some worms and maybe he doesn't care for that, but most dogs will gobble up anything mixed with canned food. He's just got one more day of Panacure; maybe I'll make him some chicken and rice tomorrow. He's probably only about 45 pounds, so he can stand to gain at least 10.  Wish I could give him 10 of mine.

Although he's shy, he wants human contact, you can see it in his eyes and it doesn't take too much to win him over. As soon as he trusts you at all, he turns his back to you for a butt scratch, it's his favorite form of contact.

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Anonymous said...

What a sweet face he has! And I love the semi-floppy ears.