Sunday, April 19, 2015


Scarlett, clean and pretty after her day at the spa.
Two things happen after I've been away on a vacation, even a short one.
1. I have a lot to do when I get back, and
2. I get post-vacation depression that makes me not want to do any of it.

Barkley is fast with the "sit" if he thinks
it will get him something, even petting.
I haven't hiked a single mile since I've been back, in fact all I did this week was work in spite of a long list of yard work projects that need to be done.

Max's OCD involves an oral fixation. At least when he's got
something in his mouth he's not screaming. I would encourage
him to take up smoking if I thought it would help.
I don't think Maya has minded being a little more sedentary since she's been home, and she has still made several trips in the car with me. Max is wanting to get out and run the trails, and so is Sparky, but at least Max is now getting dog yard time since I moved Ochie out of here Friday evening. Ochie went to another foster home, where I hope he will stay, and he's being evaluated by someone for something on Monday and I hope that works out. With Ochie away, I can give Max some dog yard time with Barkley, Trooper, or anyone else. Trail walking is still better for him, but at least he's not laying in the crate all day sucking on his blanket.

Tall, green grass, yellow dandelions, and Barkley.

Scarlett came back on Friday, but just for a week because her adopter was going out of town and I thought it better for me to have her back. The adopter will be back next Friday and then Scarlett's adoption will be final and permanent. Scarlett went to the groomer while she was away so she's clean, soft, and shiny now although that may not last the week. She did very well with the adopter last week. It's a great home and everyone thinks it's a good match.

I had been keeping Barkley out in the dog yard and the shed with Ochie because Barkley is the only dog around here who could tolerate him. With Ochie out of the picture, Barkley has moved back indoors, which he is very happy about. He runs directly to the house from the dog yard, no leash, and in the morning he runs directly from the house to the dog yard for the day. He and Max are the primary dog yard players now, and Barkley knows Max is crazy but he tolerates him pretty well.

Barkley and Max in the pasture. Barkley will match any other dog's play style, but
unfortunately, Max just doesn't know how to play with other dogs.

Jonesy meeting Vince when he got out of the van.
The other movement happened Sunday afternoon and it was a surprise shepherd who came from South Carolina on a transport for Promises Animal Rescue. Apparently the intended foster backed out and, well, you know the rest. I really need to get that "sucker" tattoo removed from my forehead.
These two shepherd-mix pups came
on the same transport but they went on
to other foster homes.

His name is Jonesy and he's nice enough but very shy, at least right now. I don't have much, or any, history on him really, but I was told that he just went through heartworm treatment, so quiet time is indicated for him anyway. He met Vince and Scarlet directly, and has met the others through the crate. He's not very big, maybe 45 pounds I would guess, and although he's not a puppy or a senior I don't really know his age.

Jonesey meeting Scarlett
Hunkered down in his crate. He's shy and scared
but not fear-aggressive. If he just had treatment for
heartworms, some crate time is just what he needs.

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