Saturday, April 25, 2015

Scarlett's Happily Ever After

Several months ago a former adopter contacted me about a friend of hers who had lost a shepherd and would be looking for another. I spoke to the woman and liked what I heard, but I didn't have a good match for her at the time. She was more interested in finding the right dog than in having a dog right now, so we waited. She needed a dog with a solid temperament, good with grandkids, and wasn't a puppy.

I thought about her when Scarlett came along because she seemed to fit the bill.  We met, everyone liked everyone else. Scarlett had some digestive issues to resolve and I wanted them resolved prior to adoption to maximize the chance for success. She kept Scarlett while I was camping then I kept her again when the woman went out of town, but today we finalized the adoption.

I think it's a great match for both adopter and dog. They seem to have complementary qualities in terms of what they bring to the relationship and what they want and need from it. That usually results in the best bond and a happily ever after ending.

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