Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Felix Day

The new home is full of toys that have been
waiting for a dog like Felix.

Felix was adopted today, to friends and neighbors. Their senior lab had died fairly recently and although they didn't know they were ready, their other dog needed a companion. That's a role that Felix can fill easily, maybe even overfill. He will also fill the hole left in their hearts. You never replace a dog; each new dog makes their own place in your heart.

We are very happy for Felix.

A house full of toys and a huge fenced yard to explore;
Felix is going to be a busy pup. 
Coming around the corner of the
sofa with a new toy.
This one squeaks!

Millie is Felix's new older sister. She will be good for him
and he will be good for her.


Anonymous said...

That's great news about Felix and his forever home! I love these kind of endings!

Nancy said...

Thanks for rescuing Felix and letting my sister and brother in law adopt him! He's a wonderful addition to the family and will have a wonderful home! God bless you in your work!