Monday, April 20, 2015

Getting back to normal

This is normally just a small stream, maybe
10' wide and very shallow. It was much wider
today so we went another route.
Nothing special here, just a Monday, getting back to normal. I had been away from the trails for a week and the progress of spring in that week's time was really noticeable. The trees are leafing out, and the pollen is certainly flying. I'm seeing the world in a blur these days because my eyes are watering constantly.

Jonesy is slowly warming up and
getting used to the routine around here.
He's fine in the crate, good with the
other dogs, and he loves to have his
butt scratched.
Redbuds are beautiful right now.
I did four miles with Maya and Max. They were both glad to go. It's warm enough now that no one was pulling very hard. That's a big change from cold weather walking. We had about an inch of rain here overnight, but it must have rained harder upstream because the river was rising fast.

Later in the afternoon I went out with Sparky and we did another 4.5 miles or so, just before another storm was due. The thunder had us moving fast for the last mile, but the rain never came. That's ok, we may still get some this evening, but I'd be happy if that missed us too.

The dogwoods are out now too.

Sparky on today's walk.

The Rivanna River is already flooding low lying areas and backing up into the streams that feed it.
Not a good day to be out there in a canoe, but a rubber raft would be fun.

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