Thursday, April 9, 2015

The Walk (Two perspectives in pictures and doggerel verse)

Stride over open ground, leap over a log
Try to match the agility of a dog.

The trail's the thing, don't ask me why
Tongues hang low, tails held high.

Leading a team down the trail, two in hand
Chest heaving, heart pounding to beat the band.

The sights, the sounds, and oh, so many smells
the wind carries them o'er the hill and down the dell.

Direction moves down the leash and power flows back
It's a connection that substitutes for language we lack.

I know we've trod this trail before,
the marks are on the trees
But today it's all new again,
as fresh as the spring time breeze.

Together they've got four times as many legs and are half my age
All I've got on them is a bigger brain and a bit of rage.

He yells, he pulls, he does everything but run
If he'd just move a little faster we'd all have more fun.

Sparkling like diamonds in the setting sun
Gotta move, gotta go, gotta run run run.

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Byron's mom said...

Always enjoy starting my morning off with reading your blog:-)