Monday, February 1, 2016

Lola's adoption!

Lola, Jasso, Maya, and I drove over to Midlothian on Saturday morning.  Maya was just along for the ride, Jasso was to attend a VGSR adoption event in Richmond, but the real purpose of the trip was Lola's adoption.

I had been corresponding with the adopters and they seemed like great folks.  We had planned to do the adoption last Saturday but the snow put a stop to that.  Lola spent an extra week here and that was all right.  She became more playful with the other dogs in that week, spending some time in the dog  yard with Theo, Commando, and Trooper.  She kept Max company in the office at night.  I crated her sometimes but not always; she's been very good in the house.

Lola seemed to take to the new people very quickly, giving them both kisses and not appearing skittish or frightened of either one.  I was glad to see that.  This dog has a need to bond like a free electron.  She knows she needs people and she wants people to attach to.  She needs a little time to build trust, but once she bonds, I don't think that she would ever be the party to break that bond.  Her former owners failed her, and from her point of view I did too, but she will keep trying.

They have a huge backyard and a nice big deck.  Lola didn't use the stairs, she just jumped off the deck and immediately made a loop around the yard, checking the perimeter.  She didn't use the steps to get back up onto the deck, either, she jumped.  It's not really high off the ground, but it must have been a good four feet at least.  I'm glad she did it, actually, because it let them know that their four foot fence may not keep her in either.  I suggested keeping a long line on her for a while and they won't let her out there unsupervised, so I hope it will work out.  They are good people and they certainly want to make it work, so they've got that going for them.

Indoors she found two new dog beds waiting for her and she knew they were for her as seen in these pictures.  She also learned that she's got furniture privileges in her new home.

Initial reports have been good.  Monday will be another hurdle when the humans go to work, of course.  I'm happy and hopeful.

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