Monday, February 15, 2016

Sam's snow

Sam is less than a year old, so this is his first winter.  He was living in North Carolina when the "big snow" happened several weeks ago and I don't know if he had any of that or not.  This was his first Virginia snow and it's been fairly typical of Virginia snow storms:  over-hyped and short-lived.  We got a few inches, enough for the dogs to get out and play in, not enough to make it difficult like the last one.

Sam looked surprised when I first opened the door this morning and he walked out into the snow.  I still had his cone on him (he was neutered just last Friday), but after the first play session the cone was broken up, hanging in shreds around his neck.  This was his first time outside in the dog yard.  He had a reputation as a fence climber from his prior home so I had been keeping him mostly indoors so he would know this was his home.  He needed to get out to stretch his legs and play.  Today's snow was the perfect opportunity to introduce him to the dog yard.

Sam (front) with Commando

Sam with Theo

Sam's curly tail makes it easy to distinguish him from
Commando or any other dog.

Left to Right: Commando, Theo, Trooper, and Sam

Here they are lined up according to their interest in that shredded basketball:
Theo in front, then Sam, Commando, followed by Trooper who cares nothing about the ball.

Sam and Theo playing tug with the basketball, Commando on the right.

Sam, Commando, Theo
Sam retrieving the ball from Playstation K-9

Sam the man


Anonymous said...

Sam's a handsome boy! I don't know why, but his tail makes me giggle. Love it!

Karen O'Kain said...

That is the most glorious tail I've ever seen on any animal! Does he realize how beautiful he is?