Thursday, February 25, 2016

On the move again

Theo the Great
I finally got back out on the trails today.  I could tell the difference after two days with no physical activity.  My legs were feeling stiff and heavy, my butt hurt, and my back was getting sore.

Max, Maya, Theo
I took Maya, Max, and Theo.  They were also tired of being cooped up indoors without any activity and I'm sure they needed it as much as I did.

I love the ear action in this picture.

Max is in full woolly mode right now and he's blowing his
coat.  I removed enough hair off of him after today walk
to make a whole other dog.  

As long as we don't spot any deer these three are pretty easy
to walk together.
I set out to do five miles this afternoon, but
had enough daylight to get in six.
It was cloudy much of the day but the sun
broke through occasionally.

Harper update:  Here she is laying near Maya.  She's gaining a bit of confidence moving around
the house and is learning the routines.  She's still very skittish and only rarely comes up to me on
her own accord.  This is not going to be a quick turnaround.  The good news is that she's a quiet
and easy dog to foster.  She eats well but sometimes has to be left alone with her food in the crate.
Last night I started bring her into the bedroom at night to sleep with everyone else.  With Toquima
visiting that makes seven dogs in the bedroom at night.  Very cozy, but I hope it will help her.

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Byron's mom said...

I think Maya can tell Harper needs kindness and a confidence boost. It's so sweet to see these two girls together in that picture you took.