Friday, February 5, 2016

Recent pics of recent fosters

Here's a few recent pics, updates, and news from some of my more recent fosters.

Summer has a new name, Eva.  I'm sure she got a lot of
presents at Christmas, but the best thing she got, or will
ever get, is a warm and loving home.
Did I mention that they are crazy about her?
And for good reason, she is one of the best
female shepherds I've had as a foster.

Lola was upset when I first left her in her new home, but she
soon set about attaching herself to her new people.

Keyla enjoyed the big snow, which may have been her first
since she came from an African island nation.

But she also enjoys all the comforts of a good home.

I had dinner with Felix and his new family
last night.  He is as cute and sweet as ever.

Felix is very helpful in the kitchen, doing dishes
and even helping with the cooking.


Anonymous said...

What a happy bunch of well-loved doggies. This is the kind of thing that keeps rescue folks going. Well done, you !

Anonymous said...

Love seeing these pics of the happy dogs in their new homes. What a great feeling!